Unveiling potential in US: Cordoba Minerals discovers leached cap of porphyry copper system at perseverance project in Arizona

Scarlet Ibarra / April 15, 2024 | 12:02
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As exploration continues to unfold, the company eagerly anticipates uncovering further insights into the geological potential of this promising project, aiming to contribute valuable findings to the global mining community.

In a groundbreaking revelation, Cordoba Minerals has uncovered the leached cap of a significant porphyry copper system within the Perseverance Project in Arizona, USA. This discovery not only marks a significant milestone in the project's development but also hints at the vast mineralization potential awaiting further exploration. Cordoba Minerals continues to lead the charge in unlocking the geological treasures of the region, setting the stage for future advancements and resource expansion.

The Perseverance porphyry copper project operates under a Joint Venture and Earn-in Agreement with Bell Copper Corporation. Cordoba has successfully earned a 51% interest and retains the option to further increase its stake to 80% in the Perseverance project by committing to $14.2 million in exploration expenditures before April 24, 2026.

Previous drilling has provided indications of a nearby porphyry system. In January 2024, hole K-23 was drilled about 1,000 meters southeast of hole K-22 and 1,000 meters east-northeast of hole K-20. Both holes yielded evidence supporting the existence of this nearby porphyry system.

"We are encouraged by the volcanic rocks observed in the Laramide porphyry system's leached cap in hole K-23, which may indicate the top of a porphyry copper system at Perseverance," remarked Ms. Sarah Armstrong-Montoya, President and CEO of Cordoba. "We plan to conduct a Typhoon™ IP-resistivity survey to gain a deeper understanding of the system and guide future drilling efforts."


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