Nicolás Montes: "Our focus is to contribute to a more sustainable industry"

Agustín de Vicente / June 15, 2024 | 16:48
Ceibo is an expert company in mining and comprehensive road management solutions for a more sustainable industry.

Ceibo, a pioneering technology company for the mining sector, showcased its innovative solutions addressing the industry's current challenges at Exponor 2024. Nicolás Montes, General Manager of Ceibo Comercial, shared the company's vision and advancements in an exclusive interview with Mining and Energy Report.

A Comprehensive Value Proposition

Ceibo was founded with a focus on technological development and innovation. Montes comments, "For us, innovation is vital. We study our clients' needs on-site and develop solutions through the innovation process." This methodology allows Ceibo to offer personalized solutions that address the specific operational challenges of each client.

For this reason, Ceibo is dedicated to the development of advanced technology focused on worker health, environmental sustainability, and water conservation. Montes highlighted the importance of these factors in today's mining industry: "The mining sector faces significant challenges today. One of the main ones is organization and production. We focus on the health of workers and the environment, as well as on water usage savings."

Unique Technology

The company has developed unique technology that combines environmental monitoring and mitigation. "We have a service we call mining road management," Montes explains. This solution is a biodegradable, non-toxic, and water-soluble dust suppressant that controls dust emissions on haul roads, stockpiles, tailings ponds, and other generation sources in the mine.

It is locally produced, created by Ceibo's researchers in a continuous improvement process to meet clients' needs.

Safety is a priority for Ceibo. Montes emphasizes, "We haven't had any accidents in our operations, thanks to our zero-accident campaign. Safety is a critical factor for us."

Presence at Exponor 2024

Ceibo's participation in Exponor 2024 underscored its commitment to the mining industry. "It is one of the main showcases in the mining sector. It allows us to offer our solutions and share our latest developments with clients," said Montes. The direct interaction with booth visitors enabled Ceibo to better understand the sector's needs and provide effective solutions.

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