Shell Lubricants:“The role of lubricants in mining is underestimated in other parts of the world.”

Reporte Minero / June 6, 2024 | 11:23
Elitza Terzova, Global Sector Manager for Mining at Shell Lubricants, commented on how, unlike in other countries, Chilean mining companies recognize the importance of selecting the right high-performing lubricants.

In the last two years, especially following the pandemic, the mining industry has emerged as a leader in innovation. It has reimagined itself to become a pioneering sector that will propel human and social progress.

Mining is responsible for providing all the raw materials and the commodities that other sectors require.

Elitza highlighted the increasing expectation from all stakeholders for the mining industry to play a larger role in decarbonization and sustainability efforts. To achieve this goal, mining operations must first focus on becoming more sustainable and profitable.

“The challenge for mining today is how to produce more with less resources.”

Producing with fewer resources means a decline in emissions and environmental impact. That's why Shell lubricants and Enex, as their partner, help companies improve their efficiency and productivity with the aim of becoming a first-class global business investment case. 

In other parts of the world, the use of lubricants is perceived as a consumable cost that should be minimized as much as possible. However, in Chile, leading mining companies, with support from Enex, recognize the importance of choosing high-performing lubricants.

Enex also emphasizes the importance of digitalization by creating and providing multiple digital solutions that support all aspects of lubricant consumption and management. 

Additionally, Enex focuses on offering tangible solutions to mining companies that can be implemented in their operations without incurring additional costs.


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